Did You Actually Enjoy That Bachelorette Party, Or Was It Just Expensive?

So you went to a bachelorette party and everyone had a great time. But it was also kind of expensive… but whatever, who cares, right? You had fun! Now the dust has settled and your bank account is empty, you’re beginning to question just how fun that party really was. Here’s how to tell if your enjoyment was genuine or if you’re simply justifying the fact you’ve blown your life savings on a single weekend with the girls.


How much did the bachelorette cost?

  1. I don’t know, about $500, who cares – what’s a few bucks between friends?
  2. It was $534.57 and I still owe Jenna $35.99 for the cupcakes, but, you know, it’s cool I guess…


How was the dynamic between the group?

  1. It was awesome! It didn’t matter that no one knew each other – we all got along just great.
  2. Okay I guess… I mean, technically I paid $200 to watch the bride’s 87-year-old grandma attempt burlesque… but that’s what fun is, right?


Did you ever think about money during the night?

  1. Nope! I just threw down my credit card and kept the drinks flowing! Only the best for my girl!
  2. At one point I wept uncontrollably thinking about what I could have done with the money I’d spent on this bachelorette, maybe put it toward my student loans, or my own wedding someday…


How much quality time did you spend with the bride?

  1. Naturally, she had a lot of mingling to do, so I left her to it. I just chatted to the other girls.
  2. Thinking about it, she only talked to me for like 5 minutes tops all day. Not that I’m counting, but that’s like $100 a second, right?


Did the bride have a good time?

  1. She loved it, and I loved seeing her light up like that. Worth every penny.
  2. Ugh, she better have!



How are your finances now that the bachelorette is over?

  1. A) Look. You really can’t put a price on friendship.
  2. B) Technically I can’t afford my rent this month, but that’s kind of all part of the fun! I’m living on the edge!!


If You Got:


Mostly A’s

Congrats! You had a truly awesome bachelorette, and you’re a totally great friend. You know that no matter what, a friendship is a special unspoken agreement to spend big chunks of money on each other and to never speak of the inconvenience.


Mostly B’s

Sorry! Looks like you’ve just tricked yourself into thinking you had fun to justify the fact you’ve spent a weekend with a bunch of basic bitches for the price of a small horse. Don’t forget, the wedding is in Mexico and you need to book your flights and accommodation really soon before it gets, like, reeeally expensive.