Cute Swimsuit Accessories to Lose at the Beach

Summertime is fashion time at the beach! Whether you like to frolic in the surf or dally in the sand, don’t let that swimsuit alone define your look. From Myrtle Beach to Malibu, the beach is a great place to show off the latest trends in accessories that you’ll almost certainly lose while shaking out your towel.


Non-Waterproof Watch

An expensive watch lets people know you’re game to let at least four months’ salary wash away in the sea for the sake of looking chic. Even if you stay out of the waves, a few grains of sand are sure to scratch the delicate surface of your would-be heirloom. Oh yeah, that’s not covered by warranty!


Pricey Bangles

But remember, you have another wrist that can’t go naked while you’re showing off your new monokini. Grab a few colorful stacking bangles that will be sure to slide right off the second you try to swim. The ocean is hungry for fashion!


Cover It Up!

A colorful wrap is a playful way to cover up before arriving at your beach chair for the unveiling of your bikini. Bright colors add flair to your outfit, at least until you sit on the wrap with a wet swimsuit and the colors run together and onto your skin.



Extremely Lose-able Hat

A wide-brimmed straw hat is a lively addition to any swimsuit. It says, “I’m stylish and smart about avoiding too much sun on my chemically treated face.” But hold on tight, since a single gust of wind will send that flying saucer a mile down the beach in less time than you can say, “It took me two years to build up the courage to wear that thing!”


Cute Drapey Necklace

One of the summer’s hottest trends is pairing your teeny bikini with a long, drapey necklace that will float away with even the quickest dip in the ocean. This look is flirty and super sexy, but might just get carried off by a confused seagull, nearly choking you to death.


Oh, My Eyes!

Fabulous sunglasses are another great accessory to make any beach outfit POP! A polarized lens is best, even if you have no intention of being sporty on the beach. Polarized lenses give you bragging rights at the drink hut, where you’ll accidentally leave them sitting on the bar. But don’t worry! They’re safer at the bar than in your bag, where one grain of sand would have rendered those fancy lenses essentially useless.


Dangerous Ankle Bracelet

Don’t forget your ankles: Cute, tinkling anklets dress up any swimsuit, helping you draw the attention of that hot lifeguard, and also that shark that thinks your sparkly ankle is a fish. After you’ve laid out in the sun for a bit, the metal will heat up enough to slightly brand that Open Hearts design into your foot forever. Aww!


On-The-Go Tablet

A designer Kindle or iPad cover is another fun addition to any outfit. How can you read something if it doesn’t match your swimsuit? Get a polka dot cover to match your itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, or a trendy Tory Burch to match your flip flops. Wait, where is your iPad? Looks like your toddler buried it in her sand castle moat to make sure the sand king and queen had wifi. Very creative!


Bag Lady

With all these great accessories, you’ll need a fashion-forward bag to carry it all. Throw your stuff in a super cute woven bag that will be stolen the moment you get in the water.


The beach is a great place to show off the latest and greatest in swimsuit accessories. And once you’ve lost them all in the sand or surf, you’ll have a handy list to hand to your insurance company.