The Best Haircuts to Frame Your Worldview

You are an interesting woman with a rich and complex worldview, but nobody will ever know it with that haircut! Here are some on-trend hairdos that will really tell people what you mean – without having to say a word.


“Legalizing drugs will solve many of our fiscal and societal issues” – Undercut

Let people know you strongly support the legalization of marijuana with an attention-grabbing, edgy undercut. Have your barber shave the sides of your head, leaving the top part long enough to toss off your face in the middle of a fierce debate about cartels. With a Miley-style undercut, you’ll be turning heads so that people will listen to your ideas about how drug criminalization perpetuates violence in Latin America. For an extra statement, really play up those individualistic undertones with some fierce wash-out colors. People will only care about your taxation rant if you look the part!


“This is what a feminist looks like” – Pixie Cut

Been thinking about that short haircut as much as you’ve been thinking about the inherent bias against women in today’s economic structure? Then the pixie cut is perfect for framing your feminist worldview—especially if you have an oval-shaped face. Long hair can be off-message, so embrace those scissors and women’s rights!



“I’m Christian. So what?” – Choppy Bob

Sometimes a Christian worldview can come off as harsh. Nothing softens it up like a nice choppy bob! It says, “I’m hip and I’m cool, but I’m also ready to be a wife and mother who loves Jesus. So what?” Play it up and give it a sense of fun! Make an even bolder statement by going for something asymmetrical to really offset your stance on sex before marriage.


“Ayn Rand once said…” – Shaggy Layers

Give your objectivist self a va-va-viewpoint with waves that speak volumes about your opinions on the rights of the individual. Layers emphasize strong bone structure and an even stronger opinion. It’s all about drawing the eye upward to your brain, but then back down to your cheekbones. Styling tip: Use a sea salt spray to really add dimension to your opinion on welfare programs. Let them be carried off on the waves!


“The Holocaust didn’t happen” – Shaved Head with Blunt Bangs

You’re blunt and to the point about how you feel about the white race. Your hair should be too. Nothing says that you support the rise of the Fourth Reich like a Zooey Deschanel-style fringe minus the rest of her hair. Pair with a cute armband to really accentuate that viewpoint—just don’t go too fanciful! You’re not a gypsy, after all.


Most importantly, make sure your hairdresser gets you and what cut you’re going for. You don’t want to misrepresent yourself!