Cute Summer Flats to Hide Your Lack of Toes

With the hundreds of flat shoe varieties out there vying for your attention this summer, it is quite a challenge to find just the right pair if you don’t have any toes. Strappy Greek sandals and towering espadrilles may show off picture-perfect pedicures, but what about our toe-free gals out there? Work what you’ve got with these adorable flats to hide your lack of toes:


The Mary Jane

Look at the cute little ankle strap, and you’ll totally forget about the ends of your feet that have nothing on them. These patent leather shoes are perfect for an evening out with your smooth-edged nubs tucked in. Pair with a sundress, throw on some shades and take a whole lot of baby steps; it’s not going to be easy to balance in these babies without toes. There – full-figured perfection!


The Moccasin

Boho chic is so in, and so are your rounded leg bottoms when they strut in these soft, brown-beaded beauties. These flats securely cover all areas on the foot, whether they’re missing or present. Who needs foot fingers when you look this good?


The Ballet Slipper

The bow on the toe over the toe section only occupied by air will draw all the attention to what’s going on outside your shoe. Feminine and classic, these pink, black or white flats will add cuteness to a walk in the park, a picnic, or a nap with your new guy, who has learned not to ask you why you won’t take them off. Why can’t you take them off? It will ruin the ensemble, Greg, that’s why! It’s every guy’s fantasy to sleep with a ballerina and with these shoes, you’re halfway there. He won’t care that they don’t come off. Ever. Deal with it, Greg.



The Casual Loafer

The top of this flat goes almost up to the ankle – hallelujah! Look at all that foot coverage! You don’t even need feet for this shoe, just an ankle and a bit of duct tape. Try a fun print in leopard or zebra that brings out your wild side and really screams, “Some animals don’t have toes, either!” Loafers are a great flat that transition easily from a day in the office to night at the bar where it’s so dark that nobody will wonder why your dance moves are so stilted. Stand up on your stool and yell, “Hey, anyone hate toes? Y’know, those weird, long, funny-looking things?” Toe-less girls can get it!


The Throwback Jellies

These are the riskiest of all shoe types due to their sheerness, so stick with darker, less revealing colors to keep those tiny appendages under wraps. Buy flesh-colored socks to wear underneath, creating the illusion of a seamless foot.


With so many stylish, toe-free-friendly options, you’re bound to have a fancy summer wearing the hottest, full-coverage trends. Toes or not, and in your case definitely not, with all of these options your summer is bound to be a cute one.