Sexy Spring Hairdos That You’ll Quickly Put Into A Ponytail

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Spring has sprung, and it’s finally time to feel free! Soak up the rays under a sexy new ’do that will take you forever to get done and be too high-maintenance to keep up almost as soon as you leave the house. But winter’s finally over, so let your hair down – until it gets really annoying and you just put it back up. Here are the hottest follicle fashions to give up on after an hour of being outside!



Side Part with Relaxed Waves

This sleek and simple look tells the wide-open world that you’re back! It’s complementary to most face shapes, easy to do, and just as easy to get annoyed with when the wind keeps blowing it around and messing up the part and getting it in your eyes so you can barely see where you’re going so you tie it in a messy ponytail. But for the 45 minutes you’re able to tolerate it, everyone will say, “Wow, look at that gal!”



Flipped-Out Ends

Get the super sweet look of spring by just curling the ends of your hair all the way around. Then, realize it’s supposed to rain all afternoon and take the trend out into a rainstorm that cannot be shut out by your broken umbrella. Good luck with this one – just one curl turns in, and you look like a Dutch boy. Put that shit in a ponytail before anyone sees you!



Wild and Free

To achieve that natural, just-back-from-the-wild sexiness, all you have to do it use a variety of styling creams, two different types of brushes, a specific kind of bobby pin you can’t find anywhere, hairspray that’s only sold in Europe, vintage hair gel, and some saran wrap. This is a great way to show you’re laidback until you get into a wrestling match with this ‘do that just won’t stay out of your fucking mouth! Screaming at your own head while putting it in a ponytail is not chill, but at least you looked cute before you started doing that.



Overnight Waves

After your shower at night, throw your strands into a quick french braid. In the morning, let loose with some well crafted waves. These will stay in place for about thirty minutes outside your apartment until a bird inevitably attacks you and chews off a few curls. Throw that ponytail up as fast as possible, even if the bird gets caught up in there. He’s made this nest, now he’s gotta lie in it.



Party in the Front, Different Party in the Back

This one is ideal for those days you really want to wow someone. Take time and make sure the to find a sexy balance of styles before you leave the house and see people making out all over every surface of your neighborhood. Upon immediately sinking into a romance-deprived depression, you will throw all that hard work back into your ponytail holder and return to bed. Nothing is worth it if there’s no cute guy around to kiss your sore, sore elbows after all that fighting with your own head.



So if you’re feeling super springy and want that to reflect in your hair, try one of these unmanageable looks before it goes back into that trusty ponytail.