Sassy Blazers To Make You Forget No One Takes You Seriously At Work

You finally landed your dream job – congrats, job girl! But it turns out that most days, you end up sitting in a room full of men who interrupt the moment you begin talking. Just because you’re not making waves in the office doesn’t mean you can’t look good while not doing it! These cute blazers will distract you from the patronizing stares you’re getting in the boardroom.


1 navy schoolboy

Navy Schoolboy Blazer (JCrew, $198)

This blazer is straightforward, strong, and in-charge. “Just like me!” you’ll say during morning affirmations in your car on the way to work, only to abandon the idea completely the moment you walk in the door and your boss says you look “cute.” Armed with this smart jacket, you’ll feel like a force to be reckoned with, until you realize that no one else thinks so.


2 cropped striped

Cropped, Striped Blazer (Nordstrom, $98)

This blazer is feminine, fun, and says, “I’m the girl in the office!” Which is a fact you can feel great about, right up until the moment when you’re asked to go get coffee for visiting clients.



Casual Linen Blazer (Banana Republic, $165)

This laidback jacket shows how cool you are with everything going on around you, no matter what it is. Someone forgot to tell you there was a conference call this morning? No worries. The blazer will shrug it off, while you silently wonder if it was on purpose.


blazer macy's

Bright Red Blazer (Macy’s, $119)

This blazer commands attention, even when you don’t! At least you can delight in your bold outfit choice, as you attempt to speak three times in the first half-hour of a committee meeting before settling into your role as note-taker. You’ll get ‘em next time!


5. Assymetrical moto jacket

Asymmetrical Moto Jacket (Macy’s, $98)

This tough blazer is like a suit of armor. And you’ll need it to guard you against the frustration of hearing Kyle present yet another one of your passed-over ideas to a chorus of yeses. At least when you strut off to the bathroom in this daring ensemble, no one will know it’s for a five-minute crying break.



With these fun wardrobe pieces, you can let your outfit do the talking – because no one is listening to you, anyway!