Cute Indoor Helmets to Wear When You Leave That High Cabinet Open

You’re a confident, capable woman—but you’re a total klutz! One of the most hazardous pitfalls for a lady like yourself is the dreaded kitchen cabinet, halfway open and ready to break your head in half the moment you stand up. Thankfully, you can save yourself tons of pain and frustration with these gorgeous helmets. After all, you have to do whatever it takes to make sure your poor little head is safe from those pesky cabinets you keep accidentally leaving open!


Roxy Muse Helmet-Surfdome-94.18Roxy Muse Helmet (Surfdome, $94.18)

The great thing about modern bicycle helmets is that they not only protect you from hitting your head on open cabinet doors, they also make for a great accessory! With a bright Roxy helmet, you can color-coordinate your head gear to match any outfit. You’ll be totally safe from the sensation of whacking your head against the trap you unwittingly set for yourself while also looking totally cool while also avoiding this common head injury.






Outlaw T-70 Purple Butterfly Helmet (Leather Up, $39.95)Outlaw T-70 Purple Butterfly Helmet - 39.95

If helmet color blocking isn’t enough for you, this bad girl has dainty little butterflies on it to remind you just how fragile your soft baby head truly is when traversing the absentminded minefield that is your kitchen. You’ll never look more adorable as you nearly crack your skull on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet after dropping breakfast scraps into your Yorkie’s food dish. You better enjoy that bacon, Ollie!!!






JSP Delux Reflective Mining Hard Hat - 41.75JSP Evolution Deluxe Reflective Mining Hard Hat (Full Source, $41.75)

A reflective helmet will not only protectively hug your sweet ‘lil noggin when open cabinets are lurking nearby, but will also help alert your selfish roommate that dammit, you are bending down to grab a plastic container and she should not be opening that high cabinet right now.






Shark S700 Nasty Helmet (Motorcycle Superstore, 249.99)Shark S700 Nasty Helmet - 249.99

For those of you who want the look of a strong-headed, independent woman as you navigate dangerous kitchen territory, this badass motorbike helmet is for you! It looks super cool, and even protects your teeth for those days when you’re just totally spazzing out over cereal and tunes and end up whipping your face into the cabinet you literally just opened. How does this happen to you so much?






Xenith X2E Football Helmet - 234.95Xenith X2E Football Helmet (Sports Unlimited, 234.95)

While there’s no shame in wearing your indoor helmet at another person’s home, you may not always have it on hand when you’re negotiating the dangers of your boyfriend’s kitchen. If you’re visiting your beau, borrow his football helmet! He’ll think it’s really cool that you’re into sports and probably not even realize how much you hit your head into things.







Good Grips Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, Stainless Steel (Bed Bath and Beyond, $34.99) Good Grips Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, STAINLESS STEEL - BBnB - 34.99

If you don’t have a helmet on hand, have no fear! Just grab a mixing bowl from your cabinet (be careful when you open it!) and let it sit on top of your head. It may not fit as well as the helmets above, but it’s sure as hell better than getting decapitated by your deadly Tupperware cabinet!







Cabinets are hard, and so is finding a good helmet to protect you from them. Check out these options and breeze through that kitchen without a care!