CSA Box Contents Starting to Get A Little Wild

In a developing story out of Portland, OR, sources report that 27-year-old Holly Pursoe’s late-spring CSA boxes are starting to get a little on the wild side.


“This week, it had two pounds of ramps but only one potato,” said Holly. “What am I supposed to make with two pounds of ramps? And where did they even find them?”


Holly’s CSA boxes have apparently been pushing the organic produce envelope for almost a month now.


“Like, I get that it’s springtime, but I just think that 75 morel mushrooms is more than any normal person could use in a week,” she explained. “And last week, it was just fiddleheads. Like only fiddleheads.” a


“Wait, actually, there was a single asparagus,” Holly added.


Other neighborhood CSA participants are having similar experiences.


“Yeah, I’m a member of the seafood CSA, and this week’s box was a single oyster, a whole Atlantic salmon, and four scallops,” said Kerry Lune. “I’m certainly not mad at it, I’m just confused.”


“Same with my farmshare,” said Luke Benoit-Carter. “I got some really good goat cheese, a vine of tomatoes, and a whole chicken. I know that doesn’t sound too strange, but the chicken was alive.”


“It’s definitely strange, but I have always wanted a pet, so I guess it’s fine?” he added.



For Holly, things just keep getting weirder.


“I looked on the CSA website to see what next week’s box is,” she said. “And apparently, it’s a carton of organic strawberries, seven leeks, and a handful of sunflower seeds.”


“Looks like I gotta save my potato for soup next week: potato leek. I literally don’t know what else you can put leeks in,” Holly added. “No one does.”