Friend Still Bragging That Gyno Said She Had a ‘Strong Cervix’

In a perplexing display, your friend is still bragging to you that her gynecologist said she had a strong cervix two years ago. While many of her friends were unsure of the full benefits a strong cervix implies, Janeane Hampton has continually brought it up in conversations with friends.


“Apparently it’s good for a pregnancy,” your friend Melissa finally figured out after Googling. “But Janeane always says she never wants kids, so I don’t understand why it’s relevant?”


Janeane’s strong cervix was discovered by her gynecologist during an IUD insertion in April of 2018. Since then she has found countless ways to bring her impressive cervix into discussions, finding a segue from any doctor related conversation, health issue, and even a conversation about yogurt.


“I just want to know why,” says Amy Franklin, another friend. “Like was she insecure about her cervix before that? What is she trying to prove?”



As it stands, no one has answers. But one thing’s for sure – Janeane continues to bring her strong cervix up to any who’ll listen. She mentioned it during a recent zoom birthday party.


“Well, you all know I have a strong cervix,” she said, in response to a joke about someone laughing so hard they might pee myself.


“Everything’s pretty tight down there.”