Aw! This High School Couldn’t Hold a Graduation Ceremony, So They Sent Their Seniors a Spotify Link to Green Day’s ‘Time Of Your Life’

In a moving tribute to human innovation, this high school went above and beyond to make sure its graduating seniors could still have a special day in the absence of a traditional graduation ceremony. When Covid-19 made it impossible for the Lincoln High School class of 2020 to gather together in person, the school sent them each a Spotify link to Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”.


“In a situation like this, it would be easy to become overwhelmed — to think, well, the ceremony is ruined,” says Principal Vanessa Jansen. “But as an educator, that is not the final lesson I wish to impart to these students.”


“This song has been a staple of all level of graduations since I’ve been in the business,” adds Principal Jansen. “Sending it to our seniors was the least I could do, though it did take a while to confirm everyone was on the email chain.”


We hope these grads have a pack of tissues under those robes, because there won’t be a dry eye in any of their separate houses when that tune begins to play!


Students of Lincoln High agree: Their principal has gone above and beyond to make graduation feel like the momentous occasion it is.



“A few months ago I was really excited for graduation,” says one senior, Jess Ortega. “I felt proud of finishing this chapter of my life, and I was going to go to culinary school in the fall.”


“Now culinary school is online, the industry I wanted to go into no longer exists, and I’m graduating into an economic depression,” Ortega adds. “But, yeah cool that I have the option to listen to a Green Day song on my computer, as I generally do.”


That’s the spirit!


“To those going on to pursue higher education, I say: I hope you had the time of your life,” says Principal Jansen. “To those who will be the first in their family to attend college, especially: I hope you had the time of your life. And to those taking time off, or who planned to enter the workforce: I hope you had the time of your life, also.”


“Really, I just hoped you all enjoyed high school,” Principal Jansen adds. “Because it looks like it’s all downhill from here.”


Congrats, grads! It’s something unpredictable, but in the end, it’s right!