3 Shirts You’ll Buy From a Thrift Store and Then Ruin Trying to Cut Them to a Better Length

Okay, cute! You found the most unbelievably beautiful shirt at a thrift store. Even better? It fits perfectly. Well, except of course for the fact that it’s just a liiiiiiiitle too long…but like, just a little. You can totally fix that! One quick swipe of the scissors and this shirt will look like it was tailor-made for you. Kidding, of course! You’re definitely gonna ruin it.


Funky Patterned Shirt

Usually, you have to really dig for a great thrift store find. But this shirt had such a cool, fun pattern that you spotted it the moment you walked in! Truly a rare occurrence. The color makes you feel warm and the pattern somehow conjures soothing memories of being a kid, eating a dripping ice cream cone. And the feel against your skin? Buttery soft. Too bad you’re going to take your silly little scissors you stole from your younger brother’s kindergarten classroom and throw off the shirt’s whole aesthetic with a frayed and jagged hem. You idiot!


Flirty Sparkly Tank

You went to a Goodwill on Tuesday for the super saver discount on this sparkly top. It’s fun, it’s flirty, it’s maybe even a little fancy and you do have that first date coming…. Of course, the shirt does fall at a slightly awkward length – but that’s fine, you can just give it a little trim. Start cutting while you say to yourself, “Look at me, I’m doing it, I’m a fashion designer! Should I try to book fashion week in New York?” No! You try it on and realize you cut way too much and now it’s almost just like a necklace? Whatever, you’ve still got a good eye for fashion.


Billowy White Shirt You Found In A Locked Chest In The Back

Honestly, we think this shirt might have set you up. I mean, you picked it up and then immediately put it back…but then, it called to you like a siren. You knew you didn’t have the sewing machine you needed to make this land just above your hips, but then you heard an ancient voice in your head whisper, “Use your gift, use the scissors”. But that’s not even the crazy part — what’s crazy is that you believed you could do it. Instead, you absolutely destroyed this shirt. Like, you somehow cut vertically instead of horizontally and now it’s laying in strips at your feet, almost like the spirit of the shirt wanted it this way. Anyways, that’s why you shouldn’t get clothes from a haunted house’s estate sale.


We know it can be frustrating to see that you destroyed something you really loved, but it’s important to keep trying. You’ll be able to tailor your clothes with just a pair of scissors eventually! Good luck, and good job never learning from this experience!