Carbs, Haha!

Murder - Reductress

Mmm, carbs. So bad so good! Right?! Yummy! I’m bad (don’t tell!)! All the carbs! Cake pie mac ‘n cheese LOL. I can’t. But I am. Mmm tasty. So good! My waistline is crying! Thighs!!! Uh oh!


Haha, carbs!


We all love carbs, sure! So bad. So good, yum! Ladies!!! Who wants? Hands? Hands!!! Carbs. One carb. Two carbs? Carb LOADing.




Mostly I eat veggies, whole grains, lean proteins. But. Don’t tell. Sometimes, carbs. I know!!! So bad. Ugh, me! Haha.


Carbs, they are my guilty pleasure. So good. Who else? You guys? Yes? Yassss. Carbs, mmm! No willpower. You too? Girlfriend! Yas. We should carb together! Wine and carbs? Titanic? Yasss.



Carbs!! Literally LOLing.


Carb-free. Ain’t too proud to carb!!




Sometimes, I feel bad. But no!!! Ladies! No shame. Haha!


We need carbs. Energy. Jogging. Complex carbs. Simple carbs? No!!! But really, yes. So good! Ugh. Carbs! Ladies?


I would marry carbs. Serious! Pizza. I do. Haha.


In conclusion, carbs. Lol. For real! So good. Hahahahahaha. Ridiculous.