Buying Back the Block? This Woman Bought an Entire Smoke Shop So She Can Be High at Work

When Kacy Villegas was fired after doing smoke tricks with her intern in the bathroom, she wanted a job that encouraged her to be faded on the clock. Kacy was on her way to the smoke shop to pick up her favorite pink cotton candy flavored rolling papers and a Red Bull flavored vape, when she realized her true calling: Buying an entire smoke shop so she can be high at work. 


“I knew in that moment that I had to buy my favorite smoke shop, Vapes R Us,” she said. “So I could get high on my own supply.” 


The process was not easy; Kacy found it challenging to acquire a small business loan to buy the shop, but she stayed persistent. 


 “I just kept calling my bank,” Kacy said. “The banker would always ask what type of loan I needed, and I would just blank because I was so high, dude. So, that’s how I ended up with a loan for my smoke shop and a speed boat.”


The 27-year-old was sure that if she bought the shop, she could make positive change in her community. 


“I wanted to get the word out about my shop, so I offered the first 100 people who make a purchase a hit off my bong,” Kacy explained. “I just thought it was the least I could do to give back.” 


The business owner also plans on donating runts to children in need.


The Yelp page of Kacy’s shop has several complaints about the lack of set hours and product options. One reviewer wrote, “I went to buy cigarettes, but the owner said she didn’t have a license to sell tobacco products. She tried to sell me kratom instead.” Another reviewer wrote, “I went to Vapes R Us at 5 p.m. and the owner was staring at a wall, eating ice cream but told me they were closed.” 



When we asked Kacy for a response, she fought back against her bad Yelp reviews.


“The whole point of me buying this place was so I could be high and work at my own pace,” she told reporters. “God forbid I open shop, wake and bake, and then close early if to take a nap or watch SpongeBob.”