BREAKING: They Said My Name in The TV Show

woman watching tv

In an exhilarating story coming out of my living room, the TV show I was watching had a character who, in an unexpected turn of events, said my name.


I was watching Law and Order: SVU when Odafin Tutuola, played by Ice-T, said that they had to interview someone named Ashley Richards to get to the bottom of the case, which is the same first name that I have, which is so fucking crazy.


Reportedly, the Ashley on this show is a serial killer, but I still feel honored nonetheless.


“Do you know who Ashley Richards is?” Ice-T asked someone at a mental hospital, seemingly having no idea that Ashley was my name too.


Every time they said “Ashley”, I was reported to be shocked, flattered, a little scared, but excited more than anything.



According to my sources, even though the name Ashley is pretty common and actually said on a lot of TV shows, it still is super crazy when someone says it in a show I’m watching no matter what.


I was also watching the show with my roommate at the time, and when my name was said on TV the first time, you can bet what happened next.


“Oh my god! Ashley,” my roommate Sierra said sarcastically. “Guess this episode is about you!”


“Ah, so weird! Haha,” I responded, trying to hide my sheer excitement about Ice-T saying my name on the TV show.


Some people might not think that this was a big deal or anything, but my research suggests that anyone who thinks that is just a massive hater whose name has never been uttered by Ice-T on a fictionalized crime show.


At press time, I’m still waiting on another show to have a character who says my name, but I haven’t found one yet. I think I’ll just watch Bel-Air to see if the reboot still has Ashley Banks so I can get my fix!