Brave! This Woman Ended Her Wedding Vows with ‘Let Me Know If This Works for You’

Many brides choose to create their own unique vows to read at the altar. But Leanne DuMont took her creativity to the next level: This courageous woman decided to end each of her wedding vows with the phrase: “Let me know if this works for you!”


“I was just checking if Jake and I were on the same page about getting married,” said Leanne of the man who quite literally asked for her hand in marriage. “I just wanted double-check.”


Wow, we stan a considerate queen who checks in with her loved ones’ feelings and emotions!


Leanne, who has been dating Jake for five years and who is fully integrated into and beloved by his friends and family, went on to explain her reasoning.


“To me, it’s important that my partner and I share similar visions for the future,” said Leanne, referring to the man who she has lived with harmoniously for three years. “And deep down, I knew I wanted to be like, ‘Lemme know if that’s okay!’ or something like that. You know, just to make sure.”


“I just needed confirmation that he was in this for the long haul,” she added.



Jake was admittedly confused by the whole thing.


“She followed up every single one of her vows by basically making sure I was still down to get married,” said Jake. “This was at our wedding, which we spent more than a year planning together, in front of all our family and friends who had gathered from near and far to watch us get married. Of course it worked for me.”


But none of that deterred Leanne.


“As an emotionally intelligent woman in society, I always make sure to trust but verify,” she said. “But of course, I didn’t wanna seem like I was too eager by double checking all of this before our literal wedding day. So this was a compromise.”


“And it obviously worked,” she added. “We’re still married, aren’t we?”