Feminist Hero? This Guy Likes To Mentor His Girlfriends

Men who offer genuine support and uplift women are a rare treasure these days. Luckily, there are men like Chas Hubbard, who regularly takes his latest girlfriend under his wing, providing the male know-how and mentorship every woman desires from their sexual partners.


Though he is a mature 36 years old, Chas has kindly lowered the age range of his girlfriends to include women as young as 21, so that he might bestow his wisdom upon more disadvantaged young women. And what a gift he is!


“When I first met Chas, I didn’t really understand how a car lease works,” says Amy Franco, his latest girlfriend. “But Chas took a whole afternoon to describe the ins and outs of the process, even though I don’t really have any intention of getting a lease any time soon.”



“I’m just happy to help,” say Chas, who is known to explain issues around cars, career, and even family to clueless women. “Sometimes women don’t know what they don’t know.”


Recently Chas even took it upon himself to reach out to an ex-girlfriend with advice.


“She mentioned on Facebook that she was having trouble with her data plan, and I messaged her and told her to march into AT&T and demand better,” says Chas.


“He even offered to come with me and walk me through it,” says his ex, Kalea Washington. “We broke up when he told me he had been sleeping with a coworker the entire time we were dating and haven’t spoken since. This was a truly insane way of reaching out to me.”


“I’m just glad I could help her,” added Chas.


Thankfully there are men like Chas out there who aren’t afraid to teach the women they love. Thanks, Chas!