Biden Creates Task Force on Boyfriends Who Don’t Like Your Online Posts Enough

As part of his transition plan ahead of the inauguration, Biden has created a task force and advisory panel devoted specifically to boyfriends who don’t like or comment on your posts enough.


This signals an abrupt change from the Trump administration, who has failed to address the problem of boyfriends who never, not even once, retweet you, even when they say in person that what you said was funny.


In his speech delivered last week, he said that Americans must “marshal the forces of science and the forces of hope in the great battles of our time,” specifically focusing on boyfriends who do this one kind of fucked up and annoying thing.


Trump, who has downplayed the issue throughout his presidency, sees no issue with boyfriends who see all of their friend’s stories but seem to always skip over stories of you doing your workouts.



By the end of last week, over 500,000 boyfriends have done a shitty job of liking their girlfriend’s posts this year alone.


“The results have been devastating for relationships across the country,” Biden said in his address last week. “We need to devote all our energy toward getting our nation’s boyfriends to show us even an inkling of support online, just once, for God’s sake.”


While many on the left have asked to put much stronger measures in place to make sure certain boyfriends understand why this is bullshit, many are relieved that the incoming administration at least acknowledges this as a problem.


“I’m just happy something might be done about my boyfriend Jared, who thinks my posts are dumb,” says one woman. “I think this is going to be huge for women everywhere who like their boyfriend’s dumb content but never get it in return. There is a lot more work to be done, but this is at least a start.”