Aw! This Woman Got in the Holiday Spirit by Making an Advent Calendar of Her Birth Control

In a heartwarming story out of Columbus, OH, 26-year-old Heather Joyce decided to make the best of this dismal holiday season by making a DIY advent calendar using her December pack of birth control.


After Joyce acquired her monthly prescription, she decorated her 28-pill pack with festive symbols reminiscent of the holiday season, including Santa, reindeers, snowflakes, elves, and just the colors red and green when she ran out of decorative ideas.


Now the pills each have their own little festive poppable window! ‘Tis the season for Joyce every morning before breakfast!


“Every year I usually just stick the pack in a red or green case and just use my phone’s daily alarm, but I needed to break up the monotony of my routine,” she shared. “This year is just different.”


While most Advent Calendars are used to count down the days of the Advent and end on Christmas Day, Joyce is mostly using them to remember to follow her regiment on a daily basis.


What an adorably merry way to celebrate hormonal contraceptives!



As Joyce prepares to experience her first solo holiday season without the presence of her family, she has been able to get in touch with her familial tradition of having an Advent Calendar on the family fridge.


“There can be so much stigma around both birth control and Christmas,” she added. “I usually go home and go to Mass with my parents, but this year I get to do the Holidays on my own terms with no sign of Jesus anywhere!”


She also bravely confided that she has not caught a glimpse of dick since earlier this year, so mostly she found the routine of taking birth control particularly helpful in passing the time.


“It’s extremely helpful when it comes to remembering what day it is,” shared the creative woman full of holiday cheer and pregnancy-preventing hormones. “Plus it makes the placebo pills feel like little treats.”


“I’m thinking around Day 24, I’ll stop taking the pill with water and switch to egg nog.”


Aw! We guess Christmas isn’t canceled after all!!