Asian Woman Can’t Tell if Man Has a Fetish or Sincerely Loves Miyazaki Films

After several attempts to shed light on the situation, Brooklyn resident Sally Yi remains fully unsure after one date if 28-year-old Colin Edgewood happens to love excellent content rooted in Asian culture, or just has a huge Asian fetish.


“The frequency at which Colin mentioned Asian things was a little alarming,” said Yi. “But also each of the mentioned things are actually amazing, so I can’t tell if it’s a fetish or if he just has a thing for Miyazaki films, which are awesome.”


It all started on their first date last Wednesday, when Edgewood mentioned, unprompted, that his favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro.


“I was immediately suspicious because I’ve never met a white guy before whose favorite movie is a Miyazaki film,” said Yi. “But at the same time, it would be fucked up if he had seen Totoro and not loved it, because it is objectively a perfect and charming film.”


Edgewood also expressed interest in things that were not particularly Asian, like field hockey and large public zoos, so Yi generously gave him the benefit of the doubt and stayed to finish the date. Yi’s worries reached a plateau until she asked Edgewood about his favorite music.


“I love K-pop. It expresses a side of me that’s restrained by Western music! And their hair…wow,” said Edgewood.


“Two Asian things within a half hour? That’s a little bizarre,” said Yi. “But their hair is ‘wow,’ so he’s not wrong! I don’t know what to think!”


Yi excused herself to the restroom to consult her group chat for advice.


“I wouldn’t rule him out yet but that’s weird for sure. See if he take an interest in you personally, aside from these topics,” texted back Sabrina Yang, a friend who also became a reluctant expert on white men with Asian fetishes simply because she exists.



“How tall is he? I love pop music too!” said Amanda Carson, a white friend who wasn’t asked but really felt the need to contribute her two cents.


Yi returned to the date, ready to give Edgewood one more chance.


“So I’m having a great time,” said Edgewood. “Would you wanna grab dinner sometime next week? I assume you like sushi.”