‘Anti-Semitism Doesn’t Exist,’ Says Man Who Thinks All the World Banks Are Controlled By a ‘Secret Organization’

38-year-old Scott Anderson is a firm believer that anti-Semitism only exists outside of a few pockets of avowed Nazis around the world. And while he believes that anti-Semitism “isn’t a thing like it used to be,” he also definitely believes that all the world banks are controlled by a “secret organization that dates back to the Rothschilds – seriously, look it up.”


“I know that historically Jews were oppressed, but I’ve never once witnessed anti-Semitism in my life,” says Anderson. “What we should really be worried about is the New World Order secretly controlling the banks, and we’re all just pawns in their elaborate scheme to rule the world.”


Anderson, who spends a lot of time sharing memes on Twitter that originated in the dregs of 8Chan, just thinks we should all be more suspicious about “who is pulling the strings”.


“Anyway, Jewish people have tons of power in all kinds of places, so it’s not like they’re oppressed as an ethnic group,” adds Anderson, actively proliferating anti-Semitic tropes that extend back to the Middle Ages when Jews were forced into money-lending positions due to Christian usury laws and being barred from engaging in civic life. “I mean look at George Soros. I’m just saying we should all stay alert.”


Anderson has been known to uncritically support movements like #savethechildren, and anything else that passes through his Facebook feed, without understanding their origin, or the motivation behind their creation.


“I’m not going into this with any bias,” Anderson claims. “I’m just doing the research through a series of increasingly conspiratorial YouTube video essays that the algorithm recommends for me, and it tells me that yeah, a cabal of incidentally Jewish people run Hollywood.”


When challenged on that last point, he responded, “What? I’m not allowed to acknowledge that Billy Crystal has hosted the Oscars like a million times? Oh, the problem is with every other word I said? Well, whatever.”


At press time, Anderson still had many “fact-based, unbiased” thoughts he wanted to share.


“Like, I’m not saying the Holocaust didn’t happen, but people are saying that not as many people died as they claim. Seriously, look it up.”