Vaccinated Friends Want You to Come Out And Spend Too Much Money with Them Again

After a long winter apart, all of your recently vaccinated friends in the group text are absolutely begging you to come out and spend way too much money with them, just like old times.


“It’s been so long since we’ve seen you!” says one friend in your group chat. “Come on out, we’re renting a hotel for no reason and ordering a few bottles of champagne from room service!”


Friends reiterated that they miss you and cannot wait to consume $22 cocktails with you in a loud place.


“Plus, Anna is organizing a big prix fixe birthday dinner thing at that restaurant that just got a Michelin star,” texted another friend in the chat. “We’ll all have to chip in for her meal, though. Just like old times!”


Although you’ve managed to pay the rent and even tuck away a little cash in savings after cooking at home for the past year, your dearest friends are absolutely desperate to see your gorgeous face in a bar that has a $25 cover for some reason.


“Don’t worry, it’s happy hour until like 9pm,” one friend noted. “All cocktails are a dollar off!”


Since last year, even your weed-smoking friends have found ways to spend more money doing things they were doing very cheaply for the past year.



“Now that it’s technically legal, we found this underground dinner spot that only makes weed paella. It’s $200 a plate. We absolutely have to make reservations because it’s sold out for the next three months.”


Just as you reluctantly pulled out your credit card in the midst of the social pressure, your theater friends just reignited the old group chat.


“Who wants to get tickets to see Jagged Little Pill in September?” one friend texted. “I really missed spending hundreds of dollars with you guys!”