Adorable Autumn Sweaters Under $10,000

It isn’t easy to find a good value on this season’s hottest fall sweaters. But we’ve found the must-have fall knits under $10,000 that won’t exceed your credit card limit this month. But like, in a glamorous way!


The Row’s Cable Knit Sweater in Cream ($4,490.00)

This sweater may come off looking like it came from J.Crew, but don’t be fooled – somebody very fancy made this and you have to trust that it’s worth it. At just under five grand, you only need to go through one round of selling your eggs for this hot little number instead of the usual two to five.


jill sized2
Jill Sander Knit ($2,140.00)

At first you may be thinking, “I could buy the same thing at Target for 20 bucks,” and while yes, you could, you wouldn’t be able to flaunt your new investment at brunch. Make sure you mention that your sweater costs twice their rent, and highlight the fact that it isn’t just a sweater; it’s a collector’s item.


stella sized
Stella McCartney ($1,475.00)

A Stella McCartney sweater at this low price is a STEAL. Call up your Great Aunt Helen and ask for your inheritance a little bit earlier than expected. Promise you’ll wear the sweater to Thanksgiving so she can see where her life savings has gone.



ralph sized
Ralph Lauren Wool Shawl Collar Cardigan ($1,000.00)

Don’t forget the guys! Men’s sweaters tend to cost slightly less than womenswear, which is a tremendous value for you and your boyfriend. This cardigan will only cost him four hours of billable work, because he’s an attorney. Obviously.


donna sized
Donna Karan Chunky Sweater ($2,495.00)

A three thousand dollar Donna Karan sweater is a must have for every woman, but not everyone can afford that kind of money. If you’re looking for a Donna Karan piece that is within your reach, you’ll be able to trade in your self-respect for these fine threads!


Talk about street style! You’ll be the warmest, most fashionable gal who knows how to shop smart. Flaunt it!