6 Pairs of Boots That All Know You Sincerely Like the Band Creed

A cute pair of boots is a great wardrobe staple. But there’s a catch—sometimes those boots know you genuinely like the band Creed. These boots understand what you really mean when you put on “With Arms Wide Open” at a party as a “joke,” or let “Higher” linger for a couple extra seconds when it comes on shuffle. You enjoy Creed, and you can’t hide it from them. Here are the six pairs that are on to you.


Classic Uggs (Ugg Australia, $155)

These Uggs feel like cozy, tender feet snuggies. But are they worth it? No matter how hard you try and hide it, they know those Creed tracks aren’t still on your phone because of “a prank your brother played on you.” Sure. And honestly, they’re judging you for it. Just know that before you purchase these gossipy little boots.




Lucky Brand Heloisse Boot (Nordstrom, $140)

These are insanely classy boots that totally know your dirty little secret. Last Saturday, when you were getting ready alone and cranked up that playlist you discreetly titled “Songs To Make Fun Of By Lame Bands like Creed!” these boots were listening to you earnestly and not-at-all-mockingly singing “My Sacrifice”. Think twice before wearing them in front of important people like your crush or your boss.




Sorel Joan of Arctic Snow Boot (Zappos, $170)

These snow boots are trendy and practical! And they’re onto you. They’ve seen your YouTube search history, and they’re beginning to wonder if all those desperately typed searches for “Scott Stapp interview” and “my own prison MTV unplugged” weren’t just a joke. You sure you can face these boots on a cold day?





Steve Madden Riding Boot (Macy’s, $113)

These kicks are a perfect winter staple that can pull together any outfit. One thing though—remember Nick’s party when you put on Creed’s hit single “One Last Breath” and it was sooo ironic and hilarious? You laughed and rolled your eyes…yet you knew all the words. Weird, huh. These casual riding boots found that veryyyyyy interesting.




Journey Collection Slouch Boots (Kohl’s, $55)

When you bought these slouch boots at Kohl’s, you couldn’t have foreseen that they’d be carrying the weight of your long-kept secret in their soles. Seeing that crumpled up 2009 Creed Reunion Tour ticket in the backseat of your Honda only confirmed what they already suspected. Consider returning them.





Fringe Factor Suede Fringe Booties (LuLu*s, $35)

Who doesn’t love a pair of fringe booties? These could definitely be your go-to foot covering this winter. That is, if you’re comfortable with each and every tassel knowing you wear your “Creed-Mania” shirt to bed most nights. You decide.


There you have it: the cutest boots of the season. It’s a shame that you’ll never truly feel comfortable in them, given that they know you think Creed is the most badass rock band of all time. Perhaps one day you can live openly and freely as a Creed fan. But until then, check DSW. They have some boots that haven’t discovered your secret just yet.