6 New Screams To Try While Waxing

Feeling like your trips to the salon are increasingly ho-hum? These fresh new screams will help you fill the void left by your freshly removed hair and set you apart from other waxing parlor patrons!



Perfect for beginners, this classic scream will let everyone know that this is your first time at the salon—even if it’s not. That information is between you and your follicles, so give this yelp a try if you want that first-time glow, regardless of your actual waxing history.



Inspired by tennis players, this is a sporty scream that is perfect for a quick barrage of hair removal. It says you’re not afraid to leave it all on the massage table and that your beautifully sculpted legs are as athletic as they are hairless.



A sure way to show you’re having a good time is by screaming out the catchphrase from this classic game of chance! A positive attitude always helps people relax, and this scream will let everyone at the salon know that you’re totally winning at hair removal. Your smooth arms and legs will be “four of a kind”.



Your beach prep routine can never be complete without some trendy surfer vocalizations. Try throwing up the ‘hang loose’ hand sign and whispering this one into the ear of your esthetician as they rip hair from your bathing suit area.



Getting a wax can sometimes be awkward, but if you need to break the ice just scream out “SPRING BREAK!!!!”, “CANCUN 2015!!!!”, or whatever your summer destination of choice may be. This is an amazing conversation starter and helps you and your waxer get to know each other even better.


6. If all else fails, make a foghorn noise.

If you’re experiencing pain during your session, a good way to signal your distress is by letting out a low, deep groan that penetrates every corner of the room and reverberates throughout the halls of the salon. Your esthetician will totally understand and steer the “ship” clear of any pain points.


With these fresh screams, you’re sure to make an impression and leave with an irritation-free, sonically pleasing wax. You’ll be the salon’s favorite client in no time!