6 Blanket Scarves That Say ‘Ooh! Me a Cold Baby!’

Now that it’s winter, it’s time to bundle up! A big blanket scarf is the perfect accessory to keep you warm while making you look itty-bitty tiny and adorable! Swaddled up in these oversized scarves, your look will say, “Here I am, just a chilly lil’ baby!”


1. Chunky Knit Blanket Scarf (ASOS, $21)scarf 1

This thick slice of fabric is ideal for going out to a bar with your friends, but skip the overpriced drinks! Bring a flask full of milk and nourish your iddy biddy body. Your bones are still growing—hopefully! You’re so-o-o-o cold!










2. Optic Scarf (Madewell, $60)

scarf 2

Cuddled up in this chunky hunk of flannel, you’ll look and feel like a kid again. You might revert so far back to childhood that you need to get a babysitter to watch you for the night! Maybe she’ll let you have ice cream before bed! Brrrrr!








3. Multi Stripe Blanket Scarf (Urban Outfitters, $49)scarf 3

Pile this on yourself as you head out on a date, which will probably make you feel nervous, as if you’re heading to the pediatrician to get your first vaccinations. Eep! Play it safe on the way there and wear a helmet—your wittow fontanelle hasn’t closed yet!







4. Cozy Plaid Blanket Wrap Scarf (Target, $20)scarf 4

Accessorize this accessory with a pacifier and a Ziploc full of Cheerios. Put your tiny claw-like fingers in your mouth, you eeny weeny baby! Everyone wants to snuggle up with you, cutie pie!







5. Houndstooth and Check Blanket Scarf (Nordstrom, $28)

scarf 5

Wear this to a Lady Gaga concert, because “gaga” is the only sound you can make anymore. So long, English degree! Now all you can say is “Me a cold baby!”











6. Delila Scarf (Brandy Melville, $20)

scarf 6

Getting ready for work during winter mornings can be rough, so here’s an easy outfit idea: Pair this scarf with a diaper. Now you’re all set to crawl into the office and lay on the floor for a while! Aww! Does somebody want a promotion?!







Drape these blanket scarves over yourself, sit beside a fireplace, and close your eyes. You’ll feel so warm and snuggly, it’s like you’re back in the womb!