5 Ways To Wear A Strapless Bra Around Your Waist

A strapless bra is the perfect accessory for summer fun! It’s a snap to put on, and requires no effort to take off since it migrates slowly down your body while you wear it! Instead of tugging and fussing against gravity, simply leave it around your waist for the ultimate fashion statement that says, “Hey, at least you can’t see any straps.” Here are five simple ways to transition your look from nip to hip:


1. With funky eyeglasses!

You’ll be the queen of your bar’s back patio with this edgy look! A pair of trendy spectacles keeps the focus where it should be and says, “Hey buddy, my eyes are up here, covered by glasses! And my bra is around my waist, and my boobs are in the middle. Big whoop!”


2. With a shawl!

When you don’t particularly care about your overall look or the fact that your bra has fallen down, grab a shawl and call it a day. Wrapping yourself in a shawl at the outdoor wedding you almost didn’t go to is the perfect way to both cover your nipples and to make yourself invisible to potential sex partners.


3. Backwards!

Your butt needs support, too! Over the course of a mediocre office barbecue, gradually hula hoop your bra around 180 degrees until it rests comfortably on your derriere for a classic symbol of augmented sexuality. Why not invite your booty to the daily push-up party your boobs get to have?



 4. Sideways!

The next time you try to wear that complicated bandeau top, shove your fallen bra to the side. You’ll feel like you’re less exposed and more like you’re hiding a holstered firearm. Revel in the irony that your nipples are your greatest weapons, and they’re not concealed at all!


5. Behind a sandwich board!

When your job is to stand outside a bar and be a human billboard for happy hour specials, feel free to let your pride and your strapless bra fall all the way down. You may not have a support system for your breasts, health insurance, or the respect of your peers, but at least you’ve got full nipple coverage!


With these stunning options, you’ll never have to put the “halt” in “halter top” again. You may even start to wonder why you put on a strapless bra in the first place!