5 Types of Pancakes to Make Him If He Comes Home

It can be tough to satisfy a man’s appetite – sometimes he even has to leave home for days on end to find whatever it is he’s craving! It’s our job to be prepared for someday really soon when he’ll come home, hungry as always. Start your man’s morning off right with fresh homemade pancakes the second he walks back in that door.



Welcome home your sweetie with banana pancakes, just like in that Jack Johnson song! Keep some spare batter in the fridge for after the fruit flies descend and he still isn’t there. Warm banana pancakes are sure to comfort your guy when he returns definitely sometime this week.


Chocolate Chip

Pancakes already feel like dessert for breakfast, and a sprinkle of chocolate chips turns this sweet treat into forbidden fruit. He won’t be able to resist waltzing back into your life just like nothing happened with this sweetness awaiting him on the table. Fingers crossed he’s not gone for good this time.



Allergic to nuts? Make a short stack for your man to enjoy all on his own, without you “interrupting his work” or “putting him down in front of his friends.” These will be all his to eat in front of the TV when he gets back – where would he even watch the big game if not on his flat-screen at home?!




This special topping can get a little pricey, so save it for a special occasion. He’ll be responsible and show up on your anniversary! Ignore the rumors that he went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras while you imagine these juicy berries staining his atoning mouth as he says, “I’m sorry, baby.”


Mickey Mouse

Does his new woman know how to make Mom’s Famous Mickey Mouse Pancakes? Practice pouring those two little pancakes and one big one while you wait for handwritten letters from your child to be delivered to his love nest.


You might be pouring these pancakes to comfort your own loneliness, but it’s more than likely that today is the day your man walks back in to enjoy them with you. Bon Appétit!