5 Lines You’ll Find on Your Face This Fall

Every season brings with it new opportunities to revamp your personal style, and this fall is all about finding the new lines that have emerged on your face. Whether it’s from smiling in a pumpkin patch, frowning during a Thanksgiving weekend breakup, or worrying about how you’ve run out of squashes to try, your new look is definitely here to stay. Here’s our guide to every new seasonal line on that ever-aging face of yours!

The Under-eye Fold

You see those fine lines beneath your eyes? The ones that make your under-eye area look like a delicately grooved seashell? Looks like all those late nights and your lazy makeup removal routine have finally paid off! You’ve bagged yourself this season’s freshest line. Try it on after Daylight Savings Time ends for a look that says, “I’m old.”



The Side Eye Crease

Previously called crow’s feet, the side eye crease is a deeper, bolder look to rock at the outside edges of your eyes this season. Emphasize the lines with badly applied concealer or too much foundation. Time is key to perfecting this style—specifically, time marching across your face—but you can help it with sleep deprivation and a diet heavy in sugar and alcohol. The eye creases really have it!


The Forehead Groove

Has someone been thinking a lot lately, or just raising her eyebrows cynically at people? It’s time to welcome the new lines on your forehead, Miss Sassy! Your instinct may be to hide these lines under bangs, but this season is all about letting them see the sun. For an even more dramatic interpretation of this look, furrow your eyebrows anxiously in addition to your everyday facial expressions. It’s a fact: Your skin looks worse than it used to!


The Cheek Pleat

As a child, people spoke fondly of the dimples in your cheeks. As an adult you’ve spent your life desperately trying to disguise them with advanced contouring techniques. Now, those cute indentations are your ticket to fall’s beauty secret: cheek pleats! The more you smile, the more your cheeks will fold up like a beautiful concertina. It’s music to your face!



The Mouth Crinkle

Smile and the world smiles with you; frown and the skin around your mouth develops deep and irreversible lines. The lines around your mouth create an enduring, tired look that will work for years to come. Celebrate it; you’re hurdling toward certain death, one frown line at a time!


The lines on your face are hot right now, and lucky for you they’re here to stay. Enjoy this fashion statement that won’t cost you a cent!