5 Cute Wedding Ideas That Say ‘My Parents Will Give Me $50k if I Ask Nicely’

With wedding season already upon us, you may be wondering how to take your marriage ceremony to the next level, and if you happen to have rich parents, you absolutely can! Try out any of these five cute and classy wedding ideas that will immediately let all your guests know that this one was on mommy and daddy – but you asked them very nicely!


Get married at a Chateau in Southern France.

There’s nothing like a destination wedding, especially when your parents own six different properties and were early investors in Facebook. Who cares if your friends can’t buy a super expensive plane ticket to France for just a weekend? If you just give mom and dad a call, they might throw in an extra $50k to cover some flights. Fortunately, the chateau is already paid for!


Have a raw oyster bar at your reception.

Instead of getting some boring, almost affordable caterer to provide food for your wedding reception, why not get a full raw oyster bar instead! After all, your parents will definitely pay for it as long as you promise them you’ll be married for the rest of your life.


Buy a twelve-tiered wedding cake.

Set your wedding apart from the poors by getting a not five, not ten, but twelve-tiered wedding cake! It doesn’t matter if it won’t even get eaten by everyone attending your extravagant nuptials. Just call up your mom or dad and ask them for it – just remember to say “pretty please” in that super sweet voice like you did when you crashed the BMW!


Change your dress three or more times during the wedding.

What better way to celebrate your lifelong commitment to your one true love than to have two different costume changes throughout the night? Don’t worry if you can’t afford three different designer wedding dresses though, because your mom knows someone who will give her a deal on the fourth one (for the after party)!



Ride away in a restored 1897 carriage.

When your fairytale wedding ultimately comes to a close, you’ll want your guests to be left with a breathtaking view, like you and your boo riding off in a vintage 1897 carriage! These are extremely hard to come by if you’re not well connected, but if you use a baby voice while asking your ‘rents, they’ll definitely be able to work something out. Dad always knows a guy!


You want your wedding to be magical, and with the help of mom and dad, it surely will be! While some people might not take this advice because they don’t want to ask their parents for some reason, you should incorporate one or all of these adorable wedding ideas that’ll make your wedding go from normie to obviously-has-a-trust-fund. Congratulations on your marriage and your rich parents!