4 Wedding Makeup Looks That Say, ‘I Won’

Choosing a makeup look for your wedding can feel daunting—you want to appear natural and beautiful, but you also want to rub it in the faces of your friends and family. Here are four gorgeous wedding makeup looks that will accentuate your best features and also say, “Guess what? I won.”


Pale Pink

A soft pink look is beautifully feminine; with a light pink blush, eye shadow, and lip color, you’ll have the perfect demure bridal look, combined with the lively color burst of a woman who is sending a goddamn message. Your wedding day is a day for you to enjoy and thrive, and to assert dominance over your bridal party and all the other pathetic peons who attend. Pretty in pink? More like, “I won, bitch. Call me when you’re on my level.”


Gold and Bronze Neutral

For a wedding in warmer weather, this metallic look is sure to make your eyes pop, especially when you’re looking at your soon-to-be-mother-in-law who fought against you every step of the way, but you know what? This seasonal look shows that she can step aside now, thanks. With a color palette of an Olympic champion, you can powerfully stare down your enemies, mouthing the words, “FIGHT ME.”


Dusty Rose

If you’re not interested in straight pink, you’re going to love this dusty rose palette that deepens and warms a traditional romantic look. It’s also more mature—just like you! With this palette, no one will suspect that you’re punishing your fiance’s one ex who dared to show up even though she’s a “close family friend” and they “dated when they were in middle school.” Sure, okay. We’ll see how that story holds up after your dusty rose makeup look intimidates her into quiet sobs.



Neutral Shimmer

For a look that’s all you with just a little something extra, this neutral shimmer will glint off your cheekbones and brow bones so that your beauty seems both divine and superior to everyone else’s! Your sister may have thought you were getting married too soon, but that’s just because she’s older than you and jealous. No, no. You’re a shimmer bitch and you fucking won and this fierce look proves it.


So much planning goes into a wedding, so you have to enjoy it as much as you can when the day comes! With any of these special bridal makeup looks, you’ll be basking in the glory of a true winner.