4 Ways to Make the Couches You’re Surfing Feel Like Home

Sweatpants - Reductress

Bad breakup? Evicted? Mom and Dad kick you out cause you’re 31? If you find yourself homeless and surfing on your friends’ couches, don’t get down on yourself. Any place can feel like home, so don’t hesitate to put your personal style stamp on your new living quarters. Remember, home is wherever your beautiful face is!


Leave those Dishes Out
One of the best ways to make your new 6’ by 6’ space feel like it is truly yours is to leave dirty dishes on the coffee table, side table, and the floor for days – weeks even, if you have an extended stay. Leaving dirty dishes wherever you want will conjure up those cozy memories of having your own four walls and only tidying up when your our booty call was on their way over.


Skype it Up!
Thank god for technologies like Skype that allow you to talk to anyone, anytime. Don’t be shy – remember this couch is YOURS for now, so dial up your long lost friends, college roomies you haven’t talked to in years, and anyone else in your contact list for a long and loud conversation. How else can you put your signature “high-maintenance princess” stamp on the place?


Get Your 12 Hours of Beauty Sleep
Just because you’re homeless as hell doesn’t mean you should change your daily routines of waking up at noon. If someone is making coffee in the morning a little too loudly or shuffling about while getting ready for work, you have every right to passive-aggressively let them know just how much they’re disturbing you. There is no greater power than making your hosts feel guilty inside their own home.



Envision Your Way to your own Apartment with a Vision Board
One of the easiest ways to make that futon feel like home is to decorate, decorate, decorate! Position your vision so everyone who walks in the TV room knows you dream of traveling to Fiji and meeting Oprah. Tear thinspirational pics of Kate Upton’s bikini bod from magazines and tape to every mirror you can. And most importantly, don’t forget to leave your affirmations on Post-its all over the living room.


Being between apartments is a special phase in a lady’s life, so enjoy your time living off the kindness of others by treating yourself right!