4 Tattoos That You Can’t Afford to Get Removed

So you’ve decided to splurge on a tattoo – congrats! They may be pricey, but it’s like buying art for your body, except you can never take this art down because it’ll cost more to remove than it did to actually get it done. To help you choose wisely, here are four tattoos you’re gonna love – because you literally cannot afford not to.


Infinity Sign

Cute and classic – nothing screams “I was very active on Tumblr from 2008-2013” more than an infinity sign tattoo. It’s also fitting since that tattoo will be on your skin forever, long after your Tumblr era is over and you realize forever is cheaper than three to four $200 removal sessions! Spoiler: You’ll probably need six!


Someone’s Face

Whether it’s a celebrity you worship or a partner you used to love, well-done tattoos of someone’s face are intricate works of art. They’re also definitely way too expensive to even think about ever removing. But if you ever regret it, maybe you can afford to remove like, one strand of hair?


“Carpe Diem”

Maybe you’re feeling on top of the world after watching the sunset in Mexico or riding a Vespa in Italy and you want to remember to feel this alive for the rest of your days! What better way to commemorate your vacation than getting this Latin life motto ingrained on your skin? With this daily reminder, you’ll be seizing the day every day and definitely not because it would cost like $300 a letter to remove!



Any Flash Tattoo

A flash tattoo is a great way to get inked without breaking the bank! At the right place, you can choose from a variety of simple designs for a quick, cheap tat. Just remember, no matter how cheap a tattoo is to get, it is still just as expensive to get removed. Happy browsing!


Tattoos are a great form of self-expression and art – just remember what Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said: “There is nothing permanent except change. And tattoos you can’t afford to get removed.” Now go tat away!