4 Red Flags You’ll Ignore Because Sometimes He Kisses You On The Forehead

Photo by Kelley Leigh Karp

Dating a new guy can be so confusing: One day he’s into you, one day he’s not. What are you supposed to think, especially when he occasionally sprinkles you with tiny crumbs of affection that completely negate any obvious flaws? Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of red flags that you’ll definitely ignore, because come on, he kisses you on the forehead sometimes!

He’s only available once a week.

He works part-time and has no hobbies, but somehow he’s only free to hang out with you one night a week. Weird! It could be that he’s going on other dates with a bunch of other women, or maybe he has an actual girlfriend somewhere else. But you can disregard all that because, once in awhile, he gives you a lil smooch on the forehead which is really kind of tender and sweet. That obviously means he likes you!


He doesn’t ever sleep over.

So you two have been sleeping together for months, but you’ve never stayed overnight? That’s a giant, waving red flag. But sometimes when he leaves your apartment after an evening of eating all your Cheez-Its he gives you a teeny-weeny kiss on the forehead. Aww! It’s just like in a movie or something! Just ignore all that negative and focus on that one itty bitty positive!


He avoids calling you any other nicknames besides “dude.”

This guy only calls you ‘dude’ and has never ever called you ‘babe’ or ‘hun’ or ‘sweetie’, even by accident, even when you’re in bed post-sex wearing that really lacy expensive lingerie? That’s a red flag. But if he didn’t actually secretly care about you, he wouldn’t deign to plant an infinitesimally small peck on your forehead before calling you “dude” again. He soo likes you!



He won’t meet your friends or introduce you to his.

You’ve never met any of your guy’s friends, and he’s gone out of his way to never meet any of yours? Um, RED FLAG! Your friends have probably been trying to bring this to your attention for months now, but they just don’t get it. What your friends don’t know is that your man gives you an almost imperceptible kiss on the forehead sometimes, on very infrequent occasions, but frequent enough to know that he’s totally all about your relationship, it just makes your heart MELT. Friends and family just don’t understand!


Sure, your relationship has a lot of red flags. But just because your guy actively avoids becoming a part of your life in anything more than just a superficial way doesn’t mean you can’t ignore that in favor of focusing on the morsels of reassurance and love that he gives you in the form of increasingly rare forehead kisses. You know best!