4 High-Waisted Bathing Suits That Will Fuck Up Your Tan Line for the Rest of Your Life

Solid Two-Piece Padded High Waist Bikini Set (Utasking, $17.19)

Wow! This model really exemplifies the absolute mess your tan lines will be as you switch back and forth between high-waisted and low-waisted bikini bottoms. Already sporting a weird tan line? Utasking suggests covering that shit up with an intense full-coverage tan line on top of it. You’ll look totally bangin’ and also SUPER fucked up under there. High-waisted bikinis are a super cute alternative if you’re looking for a bit more modesty this summer. They’ll also give you an eternally effed up tan very visibly on the center of your body. Oh well! You’re tan may be off for the rest of your bikini-wearing days, but who cares? You looked hot as hell in that high-waisted suit!