4 Foolproof Second Date Ideas For When Getting Murdered Is Still A Pretty High Possibility


Dating a new person can be so exciting! But, when you’re on a second date with a man that is still technically capable of killing you, you might still feel a bit guarded. After all, how do you know if he’s really a seasoned serial killer who specifically waits until the second date? But not to worry, here are four foolproof second-date ideas for when getting murdered is still pretty high in the realm of possibility.


Mini Golf

If you’re looking to stay in public, try a rousing game of mini golf! You and your date can get a little up close and personal when he wraps around you from behind to adjust your shot. And since you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of other golfers/witnesses, there’s almost no way his possible killer ass could get away with murdering you! As a bonus, lots of mini golf places offer other attractions, like ice cream stands or bumper boats, since they’re super fun and while there’s like a 99% chance he won’t kill you you’re still definitely not ruling it out. Score!


Drive-In Movie

Everyone loves going to the movies! Meet your date at the drive-in, grab some popcorn and soda, and enjoy a film under the stars. The open-air atmosphere will not only give you an excuse to cuddle up closer to your man, you’ll still be surrounded by people in a well-lit area if he’s thinking of doing that thing he most likely won’t do but you never know, you know? You are just hedging your bets and playing it safe here, no big deal haha!!


Dinner at an Italian Place

Grabbing a bite at specifically an Italian restaurant is a sure way to avoid a potentially homicidal second date. Who has the energy to go through with a voluntary manslaughter after you’ve gorged yourself on a hearty Italian meal of chicken parmesan, fettuccine alfredo, and tiramisu? Your date sure won’t, and that’s a win for you even if this is maybe a little overkill but honestly in 2018, who really knows. Mangia!



Shooting Pool at that Dive by the Police Station

If you love the low-key atmosphere of a dive bar and also the protection of your local police, you why not shoot some pool at that shitty bar across the street from the police station? This may seem like a bit of a risky move, as the drinks might make your date’s inhibitions a little weaker, but hopefully the looming and ever-present threat of the cops being so close and you can always keep 911 on speed dial just in case – not like you’d ever need it, haha!!


Being a woman in the dating world can be frightening. But with these foolproof second date ideas, you’ll hopefuly sail smoothly into your third date alive – if he texts you back!