4 Beautiful Bridal Trends That Will Make You Want to Fuck a Chair

Your wedding is one of the most wonderful days of your life, so it’s natural that you want to look and feel so beautiful that you feel like you could fuck a chair. While certain traditional styles of dresses prevail, there are also bridal trends that will get you so juiced up for the most important day of your life, you’ll have no other option than to hump the nearest Victorian-style chair in the changing room. Here are four gorgeous bridal trends that will have you riding the nearest hard surface, which happens to be a chair.


Tiered Skirts

For a princess ball gown look sure to stun, opt for a tiered skirt to bring a classic elegance to your wedding. Whether the layers are in silk, tulle, or lace, a tiered skirt will add some extra pep to a classic style, and will make you positively horny for the faux-bamboo chair in your bridal suite. Try on as many styles as you want, then just let the chair penetrate you, because that’s what this tiered wedding skirt is gonna make you wanna do. Your fiancé is just gonna have to deal!




Florals are a beautiful bridal trend that will have fucking a reupholstered chair before you can say, “I do!” Florals can be incorporated in a lace overlay or as part of a mesh or back cutout design, with a delicate embellishment that gives this classic dress some edge—and also push you over the edge at the very thought of grinding your clit, over and over, against the decorative cover of this chair.


Sheer Silhouettes

For a modern look that leans sexy, consider a sheer silhouette in your wedding dress. These romantic lace gowns show some skin while still maintaining a classy elegance. And speaking of elegance, wow, just one look at a sheer silhouette and you are raring to go, flipping a dining chair on its side so you can fuck it on the ground. Who’s the boss now? Try one on and then ride it like you mean it.


Flower Crowns

For a trendy accessory, a tiara or veil for a flower crown can add a fun, youthful touch to your ensemble with a bold pop of color. And soon, your cheeks will be as pink as the roses in your crown cause you’re positively wet for that armchair in the dressing room. Yes, you gorgeous fairy princess, it’s time to fuck the shit out of a big ol’ chair—right in the bridal shop. Honestly, it’s your wedding. Make that chair your bitch.



If you’re looking for a non-traditional dress for your wedding, this gorgeous look will make you want to OH GOD, FUCK, YOU’RE ALREADY FUCKING THIS CHAIR, AREN’T YOU?? FUCK-k-k-j—k—k-



For a bridal look that’s trendy and classic, try any of these four looks. You’ll know when you’ve found the right look—because you’ll be chomping at the bit to have sex with the nearest chair.