You Go, Girl! This Woman Only Needs Three Sips Of Rosé To Ask Strangers For Their Date, Time And Location Of Birth

It takes a certain talent to maneuver chatting with strangers. Most folks avoid it, but Chicago resident Kate Rosen has mastered the art of small talk with people she doesn’t know. Her secret? With merely three sips of rosé in her system, the 26-year-old copy editor has zero problem asking total strangers for the date, time and location of birth!


Wow, we’re simply astonished by Kate’s alcohol-induced bravery in the face of the unknown!


“I guess I just have a way of making people feel comfortable around me,” said Kate, who is always the only one feeling comfortable in those situations. “


Whether it’s a date, a bar patron, or her company’s 19-year-old intern on their first day, Kate’s rosé-triggered affability is absolutely unstoppable. But it took years of careful experimentation, for her to determine exactly which beverage would break her out of her shell most effectively.


“It’ll take maybe a half a beer before I feel comfortable pestering randos to text their moms for their time of birth,” explained Kate. “And if I take a shot, of liquor, I’ll just immediate start shrieking about how I don’t ‘get’ Virgos, which doesn’t get me any information.”


“I’ve found a sweet spot with rosé, even though I prefer it on the drier side,” she added.


Kate’s friends don’t seem to be as impressed as we are.


“It started out as a funny quirk, a sort of in-joke,” says Kate’s coworker, Jesse Brady of her drunken interrogation skills. “Then I realized that this is what’s happening in her brain 24/7. Like, she can only see people in terms of their zodiac charts? Which honestly worries me.”



But Kate isn’t showing any signs of stopping.


“Some people are born with natural social skills; others have to work to develop theirs,” said Kate. “It just so happens that I only need one-eighth of a cup of pink wine to make vast, sweeping judgments about people I don’t know based entirely on where various astronomical bodies were positioned at their time of birth.”


Talk about blessed!