Cool! These Small-Butted Women Went To The Beach and Want You To Know About It

Women having fun in the summer? Yes, please! Especially if they have small butts and like taking pictures of their bodies near the ocean! If you didn’t know already, 25-year-old best friends Marla, Briony, and Abbie are having a good time at the beach and they want you to know about it.


“I love seeing my friends with barely any butt loving the sun, the beach and other women who look exactly like them,” says Sandra Verbin, a friend of the little-butt beach women. “Whenever I see that I think, I’m glad you showed this to me, because I want to see this.”


While Sandra was happy her friends were posting revealing photos of their thin sun-kissed bodies, she wants everyone to know she’s just as excited when she sees small-assed bikini pics from strangers on her Instagram feed.


“Any thin woman posting pics of herself close-to-naked on a beach frankly gets the kind of content I’m looking for,” continues Sandra. “As a woman with a big ass who hasn’t found a swimsuit that fits right yet, seeing a woman with small strings covering her petite bald vagina feels good and nice to see. Really.”


Sandra’s enthusiasm regarding the flat bums makes sense and we’re obsessed with it!


Her small-butt friends agree that her positive reaction is to be expected.


“I love showing my small, sand covered butt to the camera because it’s small and has sand on it and that’s beautiful,” says Marla. “I fit into the standards of beauty of today, and so me posting is cool and everyone loves it.”


“I just want everyone to know I am holding champagne and I’m at the beach,” says Briony. “I also want everyone to have a happy Saturday, which is why I captioned the pic of my smooth mini-ass ‘Happy Saturday.’”


“The beach is so good and everyone there loves my teensy frame,” says Abbie. “It’s my right to tell you I was there and that I love my lack of ass!”



Ha ha, that’s awesome!


“Please, let me see you feel confident and good at the beach,” says Sandra. “You’re very brave to show your body to the world and to face absolutely no criticism for it.”


Cheers to all those itty-bitty teeny-weeny butts out there!