Woman Waiting for Right Moment to Ask New Guy Exact Day, Location and Time of Birth

After a series of mishaps in the past, 31-year-old Francesca Clinton has decided to hold off on asking her new date the exact date, location and time of his birth until the right moment comes along.


“I’m trying to look at this relationship differently,” says Clinton. “It’s actually a huge step for me that I haven’t asked him to call his mom and ask what exact time he was born so that I can plug it into Astrology Cafe. I just have to know his ascendant sign, but I’m biding my time.”


Clinton has been known to dive right into astrology talk on first dates, even when it isn’t necessarily called for.


“I’ve always thought that if he’s not interested in learning that my Moon, Venus and Mars signs are all Aquarius, then he’s probably a Capricorn and also not the right guy for me,” adds Clinton.


Still she decided that, as an experiment, she would resist asking her new date Dave the pertinent information she would need to pull up his natal chart.


“I think it’s really important to take the appropriate steps to see if we’re compatible,” says Clinton. “For me, those steps are finding him on Instagram, scrolling through his tagged images until I find a birthday post, then recording the time stamp on that to deduce his Sun sign.”


Clinton confirm that with a birthday at the end of March he is definitely an Aries, which she’s both excited and worried about.


“That’s a fire sign, and I’m an air sign,” she explains even though no one asked. “Our sex is going to be really passionate, but I worry down the line he’d have trouble thinking through things. Aries are known for acting rashly.”


Despite her worries, her friends confirm she’s still very excited about a potential future with Dave.



“She texted me, ‘Oh my god look how cute he is,’” said close friend Henrietta Gurler. “I expected a stalky Facebook screenshot to come through, but the pic was just a diagram of his birth chart.”


Unfortunately, after their date, Francesca found herself growing concerned over Dave’s lack of astrological enthusiasm, so she ended things.


When reached for comment, her date Dave said, “I saw her birthday on her Facebook and realized she’s an Aquarius. I don’t usually talk horoscopes on a first date so I don’t freak people out, but I was looking forward to getting to know her. Oh well.”