Phew! Friend You Forgot About Marked Herself Safe in Disaster You Didn’t Know About

In recent news, Maggie Lindon, a Facebook friend you completely forgot existed, marked herself safe in the Johnsville Flood, a disaster that affected over 17 people that you literally did not know anything about until now.


You were reportedly very confused for a solid five minutes, and then ultimately felt a little bit of relief.


“Don’t worry, I’m okay!” posted Lindon, who you think you may have been that girl who puked on the volleyball court in high school, but you honestly can’t be sure.


“I’m not really sure what class we had together,” you said. “Oh! Maybe she was a busser at that restaurant I worked at for three weeks? Wow, I haven’t thought about her in a long time.”


Authorities say the Johnsville Flood, which took place in Johnsville, Montana, occurred after a slew of heavy rain hit whatever region that’s in. You’re not even sure where Montana is on a map.


“No one was hurt,” said Johnsville official Patsy Shafer. “The flooding was luckily very small and caused very little damage, but we did realize we’ll need to take more precautions to keep Johnsville safe from now on.”


You stated you had not heard of the flood prior to Lindon’s post, and probably never would have if she hadn’t posted.


The Facebook Safety check feature was implemented in 2015 to allow users to quickly and broadly communicate their safety in crises. You stated you were unsure why Maggie had to make the post for such a small incident.


“It’s like, I’m so glad she’s safe,” you explained. “But wouldn’t it be pretty easy to just text the few close friends and family members who would know about it? But again yeah I’m really glad Maddie’s okay. Sorry, Maggie.”


Despite the flood’s small scope and lack of damage, commenters were quick to offer their support to this mysterious person you have no memory of ever speaking to.


“So glad you’re okay!” said Paula Lindon in a comment on the post.


“Thank god <3” commented Janice Lindon.


“Stay safe young lady!” added Tammy Lindon.



A few days after the post, you had completely forgotten about Lindon’s existence yet again, until you scrolled past another post that read:


“Maggie Lindon marked herself safe in the Denver Mudslides.”