Wow! Woman Washes Bed Sheets Even Though There’s No Visible Blood or Cum On Them

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Seattle native Tanya Williams did something that left many of us wondering, “Are we adult enough?” this past Wednesday: Without any outside influence, she washed her bed sheets even though there was no visible blood or cum on them.


We stan a brave woman who takes charge – even when her sheets look pretty clean, we think!



Williams had been sleeping blissfully in her bed for two, maybe three months before wondering if it was maybe time to wash her sheets.


“I was just sitting in bed, watching TV when I started to smell Chinese food,” Williams shared.

“And not the Chinese food that I was currently eating, but like, old Chinese food.”


She searched through the pile of clothes she had been spooning but found nothing.


“I couldn’t find any stains or spills, at least not any that were visible against my dark blue sheets,” added Williams. “It’s pretty crazy since I’ve had sex, like seven times since the last wash.”


Williams almost went back to eating her Chinese food in bed, but she couldn’t get that smell out of her head or nose. Gathering all of her strength and courage, she got up, took off her sheets, and washed them.


Williams said the laundry was easier than she thought it would be. Since she has a washer and dryer in her apartment, she didn’t even have to put on clothes. She said the hardest part of the whole ordeal was getting the fitted sheet back onto her mattress.


“I honestly can’t believe I did that. Usually, I’d wait until there was at least a big smear of chocolate on the bed. But, when I smelled what I smelled, my past few months flashed before my eyes. And it was really gross. I’m glad I did it, and yes, I would do it again.”



Williams hopes her story can bring hope to young adults across the world. “Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it, as long as it’s something simple like laundry.”


Way to go, Tanya! You inspire us.