Amazing! This Mom Went a Whole Year Without Sitting Down, Just Ask Her  

Every day, from the hours of 6:30 to 9:00 pm, moms around the world can be heard saying, “I have been so busy today. I haven’t even sat down.” But the bar for Superhero Mom just got a little higher this week when mother Tracy Lawrence announced she went a whole entire year without sitting down. Not once. Just ask her.



“It wasn’t ever really a goal of mine,” says Tracy. “I was just running around so much, I never had the time to stop and think about it. Who has time for sitting?”


But Tracy is upping the ante for next year: In addition to not sitting down, Tracy is making it her goal to literally run every time she says she is “running around.” Go ahead – she’ll tell you all about it.


“I know it’s important to rest,” says Tracy. “But do you know how much there is to do this week? You people have no idea what I do while your father putters around the house.”


Tracy’s year without sitting has sparked outrage among other area moms who say that it’s setting an impossible standard and that they should at least get to watch a little Mrs. Fletcher at the end of the week.


“Tracy’s husband doesn’t even mow the lawn,” says neighbor and mother of two, Elaine Peterson. “One time I saw him take out the trash bins and Tracy came outside with a cup of coffee for him. Why?!”



Where the competition will go from here, nobody knows. Moms have long been known for their ability to run immeasurable errands faster than their husbands can think of a witty comeback. Tracy’s challenge is pushing that even further. And if you ask her just how she does it, she’ll tell you.


“Sitting?” Tracy says. “Never heard of her.”