Wow! Woman So Busy She Can’t Send Text From Phone She Stares at 10 Hours a Day

We can all agree that the technological advancement of communication is truly awe-inspiring, but sometimes it’s just so hard to use! 23-year-old Tracy Johnson would agree, as she’s too busy looking for new jobs and taking pictures of her cat to text back her loved ones, even though she spends the moment she wakes up to the second she shuts her eyes staring at her iPhone 12.


“I feel really bad sometimes because there’s really nothing I can do about my busy schedule,” Tracy explains while scrolling through Tiktok for the third hour in a row.


“I’m sending and receiving lots of emails right now, but I’m also sometimes getting groceries. It takes a lot of time, y’know?”


When asked why she spends a majority of that time looking at her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s Instagram story, she responded that “social media is really just networking when you think about it. And networking is a full-time job, honey!”


And how exactly is hate-stalking a woman you don’t know networking? Well on that, Tracy is clear.


“Maybe you wouldn’t understand, but there’s definitely a method to all this girlbossery. Oh– My mom is calling.”


“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get it. I mean, she’s probably just calling me because I haven’t responded to her in a while.” And by “in a while” Tracy meant “since before the pandemic”.



Suddenly, Tracy decided to stop the interview early.


“I’m sorry, I actually really need to hang up the phone. Someone’s at my door. A business exchange, if you will.”


When asked if the guest was really a Postmate who she had requested from her phone earlier, Tracy declined to comment (ended the call).


It’s always so inspiring to see women working hard at what they do, even if that thing is just staring at a phone all day! Maybe one day she’ll respond to someone’s text, but for now, just keep using that telephone for literally everything but the purpose it was designed for!