Nice! This Woman’s Hobby Is Spending $40

Chloe Friedman of Denver, CO has picked up a hobby that she dedicates time to every day: spending no less than $40.


“I’ve tried biking, gardening, crocheting – all kinds of stuff,” Chloe said. “But nothing hits the same as watching $40 leave my bank account in exchange for a product that I just found two minutes ago.”


Sometimes Chloe spends the $40 on things she needs, but mostly she spends it on impulse buys that she rationalizes as things she needs.


“This silk pillow cover was $40,” she says. “But I needed a new one because my cat didn’t like the color of the old one.”


Commitment to a hobby and responsible pet care. We have to stan!


“I have $40 roller skates, a $40 pottery wheel, and a $40 watercolor set,” she said. “But the roller skates seem dangerous, and I’m not really into art.”


Even when Chloe tries to devote time to a new hobby, she always finds herself gravitating back to spending $40.


“I thought maybe running could be my hobby, but I got tired pretty fast and then walked into a CVS where there were so many things I could buy for $40,” she recalled. “I bought 13 different nail polishes, a mud mask, and six bags of discount candy.”


When Chloe is feeling especially inspired, she will spend $50 or $60. She once spent $80 on a weighted blanket because an acquaintance mentioned that they had a friend who liked it.


“I’ve bought almost everything that pops up in my Instagram and YouTube ads,” Chloe says. “I have that water bottle with a chargeable crystal in it. I also signed up for the Timbaland beatmaking Masterclass, which was great because it gave me a reason to buy a bunch of music producing equipment.”



After she spends the money, she gets to do her second-favorite hobby: tracking packages.


“I love putting the tracking number into the UPS website and seeing the exact time it left the warehouse,” she said. “I sometimes set up text notifications so that I know when it’s out for delivery and when it has arrived. The delivery guy and I are on a first-name basis now, so I guess you could also say spending $40 is a great way to make friends.”


We applaud Chloe for finding a hobby that makes her happy, and we are confident that she will find plenty of new opportunities for spending $40 in the future!