Yikes! This Woman Made a Self-Deprecating Joke – Then Friends Started Consoling Her

In a harrowing turn of events last Tuesday, New York resident Genevieve Kaplan made a light-hearted but self-deprecating joke, and then the worst happened: Instead of laughing, her friends began to console her.


“We were out having drinks and chatting about life and work when I casually made a joke about how I’m putting my theatre BFA to good use as an administrative assistant at a nonprofit,” says Genevieve. “They were supposed to laugh at most, but Yulia did that sympathetic frown and started talking about how hard the pandemic has been on performers, then everyone else joined right in.”


Absolutely yikes.


“Like, I actually agree that it’s not a big deal that I’m working this day job to support myself while still pursuing my passion,” says Genevieve. “But the fact that they were all so aggressively insistent that this was the case really has me wondering if I’m actually deluded and my life is in shambles.”


Genevieve’s friends continued to tease out her deepest fears and insecurities by seriously addressing the offhand joke.


“You shouldn’t feel like your student debt is for nothing,” said Jess Shin, despite Genevieve never bringing her debt up to begin with. “You are so good at what you do. And you still have so much time to make it.”


And just as it seemed things couldn’t any worse, Jess delivered the real kicker.



“I mean, even if you don’t ever use your degree ‘professionally’ that still doesn’t make it a waste,” she said. “It’s a part of who you are, and you’re going to bring that with you to whatever amazing things you accomplish, in whatever field that may be!”


Fucking brutal.


“I will never make a self-deprecating joke again,” Genevieve says. “I went into this feeling fine about my sense of self and station in life despite some imperfections, and now I’m pretty sure all my friends think I’m a failure and furthermore that I should accept that I’m a failure to put everyone out of the misery of witnessing it.”


The repercussions of the happy hour disaster continued when Jess was pressed for comment on her former statements.


“Oh my god, I think Genevieve is an amazing actress,” Jess says. “I think I was just saying what I would want to hear. Wait, what did she say about me? Did she mention my poetry?”


We’re staying out of this one.