Wow! Woman Accidentally Becomes an OBGYN While Learning How to Insert a Diva Cup  

Maya Rodriguez of Long Island, New York, made an epic career leap yesterday when learning about her own anatomy in order to finally insert a diva cup correctly, she accidentally became a board-certified OBGYN!

Go Maya!


Rodriguez began her education on reproductive health when she was having trouble inserting her diva cup.


“I couldn’t figure out how to stick it in, I felt like I was doing it wrong. So I did some reading,” Maya Rodriguez, M.D., recalled. “I learned that the vaginal canal isn’t actually completely vertical. It’s actually more or less a 45-degree angle in relation to your spine.”


Whoa! Looks like there’s a new #GirlDoctor in town!


This one fact lead Maya down a rabbit hole of clinical knowledge.


“After I got used to having a diva cup, I became really aware of my flow day to day. I ended up learning a lot about how my contraceptive implant affects my cycle,” explained literal genius-on-a-stick, Rodriguez.


Move over medical school! Diva cup goddesses are in!


Rodriguez has since been giving free health advice to all of her vagina-having peers.


“Maya demonstrated to me how to insert a diva cup, and then reminded me to get a pap smear. I was honestly ready for her to give me a pap smear.” Maya’s friend, Georgia said.


Give us a pap smear, Maya! Our vaginas need you!