Wow! This Reply Guy Won’t Rest Until Every Woman Publicly Relives Her Trauma

Dylan Kline, know more commonly as the Twitter egg @DK__down, is a crusader for justice. That’s why he’ll stop at nothing to ask every woman alleging anything, to relive every detail of her experience for the sake of his scrutiny.


“What about due process, lol,” Dylan said in the replies of a woman who was sharing her sexual assault story, despite having no experience in any aspect of the legal system. “Gonna need more details before I judge this guy.”


Dylan spent his Monday afternoon replying to approximately 23 women who were sharing their stories under the same hashtag. His comments were a mixture of complete disbelief and slight skepticism, but always he wanted more names and specific details.


And it’s not just the women who’ve already come forward in one way or another. Dylan wants all other women to share.


“I just don’t believe these statistics,” says Dylan of figures on sexual assault and abuse, even though experts claim those figures are more likely to underestimate the scope of the problem due to inadequate reporting.


“Most rape victims never come forward,” says Eleanor Schulman, an actual psychologist whose been studying the issue of assault for two decades. “The reason they don’t come forward is because of the consequences, of being disbelieved and shamed.”



Dylan remains unmoved, even though someone linked him to actual research on the topic on which he’s had no direct experience.


“I dunno, man. I gotta hear more.”


Sure, Dylan!