Wow! This Woman Reached for Her Wallet So Convincingly That She Paid for the Date

In an inspiring story of heterosexual romance, New York resident Maya Leigh went out to dinner with a man who she met from Hinge, and when the bill came she reached for her wallet so convincingly that she actually paid for the date.


“Everyone has first date anxiety,” Maya says. “Personally, I always get nervous when the bill comes after dinner, because I’m definitely not going to pay, but I don’t want him to know that.”


“That’s why this time when I reached for my wallet, I went so far as to put my card down before he did,” Maya adds. “And he just gratefully accepted.”


Wow! Feminist, but also sad.


“Some people say that it’s better to go ‘dutch’ and split the bill 50/50, because of equality or whatever,” Maya says. “But I think that’s kind of dumb because the men I date probably make more money than I do anyway. That’s why I always pretend to grab my wallet on dates – I guess I just didn’t realize the power of my performance this time.”


Witnesses confirm Maya’s wallet reach was swift and assured.


We were also able to catch up with the man that Maya was on her date with, 28-year-old Mike Williams.


“I was honestly just going to pay the bill,” Mike says. “But when she put her card down so fast I didn’t really know what to say. I guess she just really wanted to pay, which is really cool of her!”



But little did Mike know, Maya saw things entirely different.


“I would never actually pay for a man on the first date,” Maya says. “But sometimes you just need to give the illusion that you would consider that possibility.”


“I never want the men that I date to think that I’m entitled,” Maya adds. “That’s why I also called an Uber for him from my account after we hooked up that same night. After all, I don’t want him to think that I’m greedy or anything!”


We can’t wait to see how this relationship progresses from this point forward, but we imagine it will probably be full of financial misunderstandings!