Wow! This Woman Loves to Date Guys Who Are a Little Ugly

When looking through the Instagram of 23-year-old Tessa Mayes, there is a clear pattern: She absolutely loves to date guys who are just a little bit ugly. So we asked Tessa to explain her addiction to medium-ugly men.


“Well, what’s wrong with that?” Tessa asked. “I mean, why would I want them to be prettier than me?”


We don’t really know, Tessa!


“I’ve dated men who were way more attractive than me, and ones who were less attractive than me. But the only ones who have really stuck are kind of right in the middle – maybe they have a scar, or their ears aren’t quite in line with each other. Whatever it is, I can’t get enough!”


Tessa’s friends and family, however, are somewhat disapproving of her taste in men.


“I get that everyone has a type, but every guy that Tessa brings home is just a little upsetting visually,” Tessa’s mother, Beth, says. “It’s like, they’re almost cute, but there’s always something really off about them. Just too asymmetrical.”


Tessa’s best friend Gina, also weighed in, stating, “I just don’t think these guys are marriage material. Like, how are you gonna take wedding pictures together? People are gonna think the film didn’t develop properly.”


But Tessa isn’t letting her haters keep her down.



“So what! I like guys who make me look good by comparison! Sue me!” Tessa exclaimed. “But at least I know what I want in a man. How many people can say that?”


While we feel like there are a lot of people who could say that, Tessa has a point. On top of that, she has also capitalized on an otherwise unpopular demographic of slightly ugly men. So, go Tessa, we guess!


“My dream is to one day find a man who’s right on the line of ugly and attractive. Ideally, people won’t know whether I lucked out or he did. But until then? I’ll just have to keep looking,” Tessa says.


We wish Tessa lots of luck on her search, and if any almost-ugly men are reading this now, she would love to hear from you!