Woman in STEM? This Woman Ironed a Pleated Skirt with a Hair Straightener

22-year-old Victoria Jones just bought a gorgeous pleated skirt, but with one problem: She didn’t have an iron. Here’s how this brave innovator managed to use her big brain along with a common hair-straightening device to solve this wrinkly issue.


“At first, I really didn’t know what to do,” Victoria explains. “The skirt looked amazing at the store, and I thought it would be perfect for the date I had later that night. But after putting it through the wash, that’s when I realized – I literally need to iron this.”


The realization was horrifying for Victoria, considering the fact that the only thing she had that came close to an iron was a steamer that barely worked from 2012.


“So faced with this problem, I just decided to wear something else,” she explains. “I thought ‘maybe I’ll straighten my hair or something, maybe that could be cute’,” and that’s when it hit her.


“I was flat-ironing the first strand of my hair when I realized – ‘Omg, this is an iron! It’s just like a little skinny one!”


Victoria ran back to her room to begin the great experiment, where she gathered the necessary tools and used the straightener to iron out the pleats in her skirt.



Surprisingly, the experiment worked.


“It took me an entire hour to straighten – I mean iron – my skirt. I was even late to my date! We also really didn’t hit it off, by the way. I blocked her on everything. But now I know how to do it!”


Friends of Victoria really think that she should just buy an iron, especially since they’re only $20. But true to her devotion to always explore new possibilities, Victoria disagrees.


“I think my friends just wouldn’t understand what it’s like to have a big ginormous brain that could come up with double-uses for electronics like this. Like, hello, I’m a woman in STEM!”


We can’t wait to see where Victoria’s practices in engineering take her next. But whatever she ends up doing, we know she’ll look great!